Saying the quiet parts out loud

Gurner Group founder Tim Gurner states the need for 40%-50% unemployment so that we can return to a desperation economy.

I would not work for that person under any circumstances.


He is an idiot.

He is wrong literally on all counts.

Can you see his parents beating him? His talk wreaks of something like that. It is abusive to take labor for granted that way or worse. He is talking about starvation-level economic failures as a solution. Idiot. That would save corporate America by destroying the consumers. Little man.

Looked him up. He may fail in his property company. As he is addressing things he might well be failing behind the scenes. I hope he fails after what he wished on millions of innocent hard-working people. Then he needs to get a job. Some people were not meant to lead corporations. He is speaking like he is mentally wounded. Disgraceful.

GURNER™ is not your typical property development company. While being a major player in the industry with a pipeline of over $3 billion in projects under development, the team maintains a considered, measured approach to every project. GURNER™ values attention to detail and quality design over all else and always carry this detailed sensibility across all aspects of design and construction.

GURNER™ currently has over 4500 apartments under development across Victoria, NSW and Queensland with an end value of well over $3billion, with a number of new project in the pipeline for 2017.

Covid subsidies created employee ‘inflation.’ What Tim Gurner is saying is that this needs to be reversed. Unfortunately he says it in very crude terms. He forgot the adage, “Silence is golden.”

The Captain


It was reversed during the supply-side period. We had slow GDP growth for decades and mounting debt. It was dumb. It was also mean to hard-working people. It was out and out lying to everyone. The top leadership of corporations were often sociopaths who did not care about the corporations at all, the public at all, or the workers.

Yesterday from Russia there was an endorsement of the people in the US most likely to carry this sort of draconian plan out.

Meanwhile, the starvation level meanness would destroy most US corporations. Corporations that need a free ride on labor should go out of business. It is a dumb business to be in if that is necessary.


I don’t think he said that. Sounds more like he called for a 40-50% increase in unemployment. For example from 3.6% to 5% or so. Many others looking at the recent high inflation numbers were calling for similar things.


You are right he is on about upping the rate by 40% plus.

He is totally wrong in what he is saying. By totally wrong Australia, the US, the UK, and Japan are retooling. This means a much wealthier middle class. The supply-side period meant a much poorer middle class as far as actual pay and benefits went.

He is wrong that that would solve any problems. He is crazy that he is so on high that people need to be hurt for him to remain on high. To think that is an economic policy is ignorance.

The heart of the problem with global inflation is economies of scale in manufacturing which is a major deflationary force. That force is no longer coming out of China. Our group of nations is rushing to fill that void. To just throw people out of work won’t fix the problems with inflation. He is really dumb. Why is he a corporate leader? This is stuff a better CEO would fully know. Not all CEOs are equal.

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OMG. Is NAIRU back? And the Phillips Curve? They’ve been dead for so long…can they come back as zombies?

Albaby (getting flashbacks to his EC10 days)

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I remember when 5% unemployment was considered a fully employed population.


Over the years, I learned that it’s not so simple. You also need to look at the employment number. If only 65% of people are having/looking for a job and 3.6% are unemployed, that’s a whole lot different than 70% of the people having/looking for a job with 5% unemployed.


The 5% who couldn’t find a job probably didn’t think a 5% unemployment rate was full employment.

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We were told that by the government. Handy of them to inform us.

If I remember in full, unemployment rose under Reagan and we were told the new normal was full employment.