Scorpio Tankers Q4 2023

Scorpio Tankers (STNG) announced their Q4 2023 results on 02/14/24

  • Adj EBITDA of $237.5M
  • Adj Net Income of $142.2M
  • Increased div from 35c/sh to 40c/sh
  • Some share buybacks the last few months (241K) vs 10M (from Jan 2023)
  • Major debt pay-down of $1.54B over the last two years

Although the company hiked their dividend by > 10%, STNG isn’t a major dividend payer. However, the company is a good allocator of capital. I mean, after making a significant dent in their debt, STNG have also purchased about 16% of its outstanding shares in slightly over 13 months. Fleet generally on the modern side, and STNG is in a good position to opportunistically sell vessels.

Small STNG stake.