Screen For Fast Moving Nasdaq/NYSE stocks

I know there’s a stigma with penny stocks ( But over the last few years since the pandemic, many or at least more than usual are going on to become top mid-caps and even large caps. So I wanted to design a screen for fast movers strictly on the NASDAQ & NYSE:

Exchanges: NASDAQ, NYSE
Price: Under $5
Avg Vol: Over 300,000 for trailing 10 days
Relative volume: 2
OS: Under 100 million

That’s my basic scan and one of the ways I stumbled on AMC very early on. I didn’t ride that wave unfortunately but it was an ok trade .

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Place our cursor on 3/30/22 and that is when to have sold the stock. However as a Swing Trader, since the " V", would have made 18 out of 18 successful trades with NO losses.

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