SEC now spying on you

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Bloggers are truly amazing in what they know no matter how much they make up.
The blog restates the “3000 outside contractors” as…

The SEC is now tracking your stock trades by your Social Security Number , and it shares the data with 3,000 outside agencies.

Google results…

Updated by the Federal Register, includes list of all 438 agencies and sub-agencies. VP, Secretary of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, HHS, Homeland Security, HUD, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, Veterans Affairs & Attorney General.Sep 16, 2023

The data is aggregated but that is beyond the comprehension of the blogger.

collect American investors’ personally identifiable information, such as account and Social Security numbers, and share it. The CAT data will be available to self-regulatory organizations, such as stock and options exchanges, and about 3,000 outside contractors as well as to the SEC itself.

Can you show us where the rule states that we will be tracked by our social?

I see a lot of sites making this claim - and it seems to track back to a WSJ opinion piece but there is no quote of any language that I can find that seems to support this claim.

Mish’s site directly references the WSJ:

There would be no reason for my broker to link my SS to my trades (and no reason for the SEC to even want that data). My account number is more than sufficient to capture my identity and to make me liable for any nefarious trades I made.

It is worth noting that when Forbes covered this story (and not just an opinion piece), they made no mention of this issue:

To whit:

Requires each broker dealer and national exchange to be assigned a unique, cross-market identifier to be reported to the central repository along with every reportable event.

Requires each customer as well as any customer adviser who has trading discretion over a customer’s account to be assigned a unique, cross-market customer identifier to be reported to the central repository for every order originated.

That would seem to suggest that each customer would be provided a unique code/number that is separate and distinct from any personally identifiable information. My broker already does that for each customer. I assume most brokers do.