Self driving. Again

The Washington Post carries a story today on the tension between the NTSB, NHTSA, and self-driving sellers including Tesla. There is a video where the car apparently ignores red lights, stop signs, warning signs before a fatal accident.

Article gifted:

Tesla drivers run Autopilot where it’s not intended — with deadly consequences

At least eight fatal or serious Tesla crashes occurred on roads where Autopilot should not have been enabled in the first place, a Post analysis finds, in spite of federal officials calling for restrictions

The “Again!” in the title is CLICK BAIT!

But the 2019 crash reveals a problem deeper than driver inattention.

Are you using a TIME MACHINE?

the shaken driver says he was “driving on cruise” and took his eyes off the road when he dropped his phone.

In Venezuela it is illegal to use a cellphone while driving.

Thanks for the gifted article, without it I would not have discovered the truth, or should I say the “untruth?”

The Captain


LOL, any car with cruise control turned on does the same thing. That’s how the feature works. Autopilot is a fancy marketing term for cruise control with lane and distance keeping.