Selling off stocks how much to sell at 25% gain and 50% gain?


Before i have let my stocks go up 100% in a short time only to not sell and it to go down again.

I now use PS ratios to see how much x earnings compared to market cap which it has to grow into.

I bought fastly at $17 and sold 21% off at price of $22 about a 25% gain for £700 and put into bank. It also went up to 50% gain and didnt sell any off as i was waiting for a specific price of $27 which didnt reach before crashing back down.

I noticed its around a 6 price to sales ratio about 3x higher than my other growth stocks at average around 2.5 PS for my chinese EV companies and cannabis companies but low compared to other tech such a Cloudflare that has about a 40 PS.

But details aside, when a stock goes up 25% and then 50% would you be selling 20% then 20%? or should it be more like 50% then 50%? or all of it if you wouldn’t be buying in at that price? Kind of think i should start being more aggressive with my selling to take some cash to the bank but there is the “hold forever” theory and just top up the dips example as well. But surely with my winnings, I could reinvestat a more attractive PS ratio or put into another stock which is why im thinking of moving to selling 50% at 25% and another 50% at 50% up short term.

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