Seniors catching up on delayed surgeries. Health insurers disappointed

… it’s much better for excessive Executive Compensation if you “Let’em die”.

That’s why I don’t want a $30 million/year health insurance CEO between me and my doctor.



Hey…I resemble that!! My lapiplasty was a post Covid procedure. Not so much a Covid based delay as me postponing the inevitable because I didn’t want it done. I don’t feel a bit chagrined since, for just about 35 of the last 38 years, my medical insurance companies haven’t had to pay a single penny in claims … either because I’ve never met the deductible or had no cause to even visit a doctor. IIRC, even my oral contraceptive wasn’t covered by insurance back when that was necessary.

Scheduling my other foot for early next year…postponing it for now so I can do the business necessary to save the $$$bucks they’d be spending on stent placement, or worse. You need functional feet for Z2/MAF/ASCVD mitigation training.

Photo for credibility sake…

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