SentinelOne Acquisition

We’ll get a lot more detail in SentinelOne’s upcoming earnings report but the company recently put out a press release that they acquired Attivo Networks for $616 million.


This is a sizable acquisition for them so I wanted to do a little digging. In comparison, Scalyr was for $155 million.

Here are a few quick things I found:

  1. In 2020, Attivo was on Deloitte’s list of fastest growing companies. Apparently the company grew revenue by 724% that year (though we don’t know how much of a revenue base that was on).

In SentinelOne’s press release they also say that this acquisition will be accretive to growth, gross margin and non-GAAP operating margin.


  1. Here is an interview from last July with the CEO, Tushar Kothari. In it, he talks about a new focus for protecting credentials of employees. He mentions that OKTA and Microsoft Active Directory do a good job of provisioning access to applications and identity management but fall a little short in limiting breaches.


  1. In December, Attivo’s CEO tweeted that they had built an application for SentinelOne’s XDR marketplace. So these two companies know each other very well. SentinelOne has had a front down seat to see Attivo’s growth because they have all the data from how well Attivo’s product is selling on their marketplace.


We’ll get much more details soon but it seems like an interesting fit.



Thanks for the links and context Fish.

I’m optimistic of their ability to integrate (at least partially) quickly with Attivo, considering the Detection Net Suite is currently available in XDR. A bit more details about that integration can be found at

Attivo appears highly focused on Active Directory attacks and privilege escalation, which while ultimately limiting for a stand alone company feels like an excellent bolt on for Sentinel One.