September portfolios average

Hi all,

I’m new to this forum and learning a lot, and really appreciative of people’s willingness to share their knowledge for the benefit of all. So I wanted to thank you Saul, and thank everyone else here who shares their knowledge.
Trying to build a portfolio for myself according to this forum’s philosophy, and still learning how to analyze companies the Saul way, I figured I might start by taking a wisdom-of-the-crowds approach and combine the data from all of the shared portfolios. In case it saves anyone some work, I’m attaching a link with average position for each stock across portfolios and how many people hold it:…

Unsurprisingly, the average portfolio looks a lot like Saul’s portfolio – mostly ZM, CRWD, DDOG, FSLY, NET. These are also the stocks that were agreed on the most (each was included in 70-100% of the portfolios). There was much less agreement on other stocks, which were each held by a maximum of 40% of portfolio posters. Regardless of this variability, all of the portfolios performed extremely well (average YTD returns = 160%), which makes it apparent that the core Saul strategy works.

Thanks again everyone for these incredibly useful sources of knowledge!


Thank You very much for doing this. I added another column to my downloaded sheet to give the per holder so as to get a sense of conviction among the holders of the stock versus an average across all irrespective of whether they hold or not. Thank You


One clarification following a personal comment I received - obviously blind copying of others’ portfolios is not a good way to go about investing, and goes against what this board and Saul are teaching about learning to personally evaluate companies. (And of course the fact that a company is featured more or less in people’s portfolios does not predict its future performance). As a person starting in the field, I just found it useful to summarize what others are doing in order to get an idea of where to focus my efforts of learning how to evaluate companies. I hope nobody got offended by this - learning others’ thought processes is priceless, so thanks again to those who were willing to share their portfolios and knowledge.


I found this incredibly useful. It was also just interesting to look it in an easy to view format.

Clearly, the fact there are so many stocks in this list that have only one or two holders shows that the influencer’s portfolios are diversified from each other. Even if one was to just pick from this list to build their own portfolio you have plenty to choose from. It’s very much like a Moley Fool service.

BTW, I have been following this board for eight months and now I am up over 65% for the year. Prior to that, I dabbled with stock picking and my results were hit or miss. But, for 2020, I made a commitment to myself to find an investment club (joined Motley Fool) and stick to what I knew. And it worked.

A big thank you to everyone on this board for their contributions and inspiration.


Thanks for putting this spreadsheet together. It’s a useful bird’s eye view of this moment in time. Keep in mind that there are lots of people who read and/or contribute yet who don’t post their results every month (or don’t post at all), either because they don’t have the time to create a write up or they are a bit intimidated by the process (I know I was!). So, what you saw for September might be representative of the most active participants here, but not the board as a whole. One of my largest and highest conviction holdings is SHOP, second only to ZM. It’s not a stock that is much discussed in this group and doesn’t rank high on the spreadsheet. Keep in mind that there are many paths to high returns (even if not the highest returns). Through September 30 I was up 114% YTD with a portfolio of 14 stocks (trimmed from 40 after I found this board).