ServiceNow of interest as a

Not wanting to appear to be re-tweeting my own tweets, but this may get lost in the Pivotal valuation discussion thread so I broke it out with a separate post.

I’m actually liking ServiceNow the most which wasn’t benchmarked (vs other Pivotal benchmark comparisons) - they have much greater scale but without being too big to grow. They consistently maintain their growth rate around 35-40%, they are profitable and are demonstrating massive leverage. I’m looking at taking a position. FWIW Bert has written about NOW but I can’t access the back articles with or without the mobile app. NOW is a blurred vision of SAAS meets PAAS and I am tempted to shift a top slice of Shopify and my BOX holding into it.

Latest Q revenues $631m with YoY growth rate: 40.8% (beat by $12.6m) - subscription growth = 45%
Latest Q EPS 0.49 beat by 0.06 (YoY growth of 120%+)
PE ratio 87.9
Price / Sales 15.95
EV / Sales 13.1
Market Cap $36.1bn
EV $29.69bn

Latest results…………

ps I do not have a current interest or position but have admired them for a while so please don’t take this as tweeting my own book as it were.