Severe Covid causes brain damage

This is very good research which compares 7 brain damage bio-markers in the blood of hospitalized Covid-19 patients to a control group. This is a research group that specializes in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) so they had plenty of data (normal, mild cognitive impairment and AD) to compare to the Covid patients.

Neurological disorders in Covid patients may include encephalopathy, seizures, stroke, encephalitis, Guillain-Barré syndromeTrusted Source, and acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis.

The COVID-19 group consisted of 251 participants with a median age of 71. This group was 63% male. The researchers specifically excluded patients who have a preexisting cognitive disorder, any sort of dementia, or mild cognitive impairment.

Participants hospitalized with COVID-19 experiencing neurological complications had higher levels of blood proteins or biomarkers associated with neurological damage than people with Alzheimer’s.

Covid-19 inflames the inner lining of blood vessels in the brain and disrupts the blood-brain barrier. The 7 blood bio-markers included amyloid and tau as well as markers of damage to axons and glia.

The patients were followed up for up to a year, About 50% continued to show cognitive dysfunction. It’s not known yet whether they will have long-term neurodegeneration.

Imagine how horrible it must be to be hospitalized because you can’t breathe and come out with dementia. Not knowing if you will ever improve or perhaps even get worse.…



My Mexican government funded expert HIV doctor, based simply on what he has seen of his HIV patients who got covid, has ordered me in the most ferocious manner possible to NOT get it, including omicron. He says that nobody knows enough about long covid yet, but from what he has seen it is pure hellish nightmare and he suspects more likely with people with other ailments.

I am listening and obeying as best I can.

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I am listening and obeying as best I can.

Stay safe David. You would be very missed if anything happened to you.

very much appreciating your posts


There’s a nice symmetry there, because as we’ve seen, people we might consider brain damaged seem willing to get Covid, too.


Goofy, you beat me to it.

I got COVID over New Years, I think from going to the gym for the first time in a month. Triple vaxxed, working in health care. Just a dumb decision. I was never short of breath and I was sicker beginning of December from the flu (tested COVID negative at the time) but I still have coughing spasms.

I have a long term patient in his early 60s’ , a science teacher in the local area I saw in the hospital in consult 2/2021. He was in the hospital for 2 months including intubation with COVID19. He was a shell of himself. He couldn’t think, couldn’t walk. Months later he was still on supplemental oxygen. Initially when he came to clinic he was using a walker and his wife followed him to make sure he didn’t fall. Gradually he improved, but still a shell of himself.

So I did a televideo with him within the past month and I mentioned that I had gotten COVID and how thankful I was that I was vaccinated.

And he still isn’t vaccinated. A science teacher. On death’s doorstep from COVID. Pulled back through the miracles of modern medicine.

Truly, this is the time of the Darwinian challenge.