*Shocking* *ALARMING* "Pain at the pump"

It’s only mid January, and, last night, the local news already started the annual gas price hysteria, quoting “analysis” saying gas prices will rise in the coming months.


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We expect gas prices to decline as the economy continues to slow. Unless OPEC cuts oil production to raise prices.

Those who think the feds will stop raising interest rates and maybe even cut them a bit later this year are suggesting economic recovery from a bottom. That implies rising oil and gas prices later in the year.

Are we into market timing these days or not?

Was the media stoking hysteria, because they cashed a check from Chevron, or is Chevron trying to stoke hysteria that the media started?


USO: quote uso - Google Search

still flat / bottomed for last month…possible 20% upside short term, more if there’s a shock.

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