Shopify and online orders of cannabis

There is an interesting article in the Globe and Mail today about the high volume of online orders for cannabis that Shopify is witnessing.…

“The Ottawa-based company’s vice president says the government-operated websites and private retailer portals powered by Shopify have processed “hundreds of thousands” of orders since cannabis was legalized at the stroke of midnight”.

I am not sure how large the average order would be and I am also not sure what percentage of the purchase price finds its way into Merchant Solutions revenue. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The fourth quarter results should give us some idea.

Cheers everyone!


Yes they have been inundated. However the main problem is fulfilling orders. Some companies are sold out and others can’t deliver for up to 14 days perhaps more. Plus not enough government authorised stores available at present, but scampering to open more quickly. One big problem is that various Provinces have their own laws and regulations.
It will get sorted out but not overnight. For Shopify though, it is a tremendous coup and will certainly help the bottom line. Supply and demand at present, it’s the supply that will be a factor for the short term. I actually dipped my toe back in after selling out completely a few months ago.


Here’s a few more articles. From what I can figure out most orders are the max order you can buy - which is not high. Also don’t forget edible and drinkable formats are not yet available as they haven’t had the legalisation go ahead yet.………

I have bought a few shares of SHOP, but I have trouble thinking the can I use business will have a significant impact on their overall business when you look at the size and scope of a lot of their existing customer base. Has anyone seen a projected percentage of revenue they expect their business to be from cannnibus? What I do like about SHOP is that they are well diversified in their customer base and they don’t cater to a particular sector. Thoughts?


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