Shopify Flow - Innovators Win

Wow. This is why we need to find the most innovative companies with the best products/services and stick with them.

Shopify is beginning to automate eCommerce workflows with Shopify Flow. This could be an entirely new source of revenue, or a catalyst for more growth similar to Twilio Flex or The Next Wave from The Trade Desk.

All the sudden, “expensive” stocks don’t look so expensive as they continuously use data, release new products to better serve their current or new customers, and keep growing new sources of revenue.

That’s the blueprint of how these high P/S stocks continue producing great returns for long term.

Won’t work with every company, but 1-3 mega winners is all we will ever need.

“Less than two years after launching, over 3,600 ecommerce businesses have used automation tools like Shopify Flow to collectively run 1.1 billion workflows. If each workflow conservatively represents 30 seconds of time saved, that’s 9.2 million hours of productivity reclaimed. Let’s take a look at how some of these high-growth businesses are benefitting so you can too.”