Skyworks Demand


With all of the hoopla surrounding rumored declines in demand for the iPhone and the downstream effects on Skyworks, it’s good to see that, if the (disputed) rumors are true, there are other customers picking up the slack:

Xiaomi said Wednesday evening that it had become the top-grossing merchant on Alibaba’s online marketplace That makes three successful years in a row for the smartphone maker, as sales totaled 1.25 billion yuan ($196.3 million), nearly 1.4 percent of the total money that Alibaba cashed in during the 24-hour period.…

The company made a whopping 2.08 billion yuan ($335 million) during its annual “Mi Fan Fest” promotion, selling 2.12 million smartphones, 770,000 smart appliances, 247,000 power strips, 208,000 fitness watches, 79,000 wi-fi units and 38,600 smart televisions, according to its official Twitter account.…