Slightly OT: Vale business split?

Since Jeff commented on dry bulk shipping (one of the my favored sectors), I figure I should return the favor, and post on one of Jeff’s preferred sectors - mining. Few days ago, saw this article on Brazilian miner Vale SA (VALE)

Vale seeking to separate Copper & Nickel business from its Iron ore business–

Picked up a few shares of VALE yesterday (10/25/22) - a minor holding in a major miner :grinning:


Iron, copper, and nickel are commodities. Don’t you expect them to tank in a recession? Wait for a bottom to buy?

Isn’t China a major investor in Vale? Some say China is in deep trouble and already in recession.

I notice lithium stocks are doing well for EV batteries. Cobalt and nickel are sometimes mentioned as used in batteries too. Copper and nickel could be EV plays. Probably not iron.

@pauleckler - If one looks at VALE’s stock price YTD, shares are trading about even. But now refer back to my comments in the dry bulk shipping thread. I suggested the dry bulk shipping sector had a near-term peak in early June 2022. It has been mostly downhill since June 2022. I would suggest that the downward pressure of a weak iron ore business is, at least, partially, factored into the miner’s price. That is not to say it can’t get worse.

Again, it isn’t a huge stake < 0.5%


Vale second largest nickel mining company in the world. Latest article…doc

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