$SMCI daily, weekly, and monthly charts

Rob and someone else recently brought this one up in seperate threads on different boards. I remember this one had something to do with a 5G play from some time ago. Lost track of it since. Hoping Rob or someone will lay some more info on this one as the charts are firming and looking ready for a bull run during 2023.

$SMCI daily, weekly, and monthly charts.


Frankly, my simple minded view is:

  • Sales & profit growth is way ahead of the stock price

  • Their cash position has substantially strengthened

Bottom line, it appears their projected growth is sustainable for at least the next year or so… so I think (for example) that a PE of 15 is not unreasonable this year (arguably could/should be more, I suppose but that isn’t needed right now). Forward PE is around 9.

Most days, 15 > 9. That’s my view. :wink:

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