SMCI Reports - Falls Upward Based on Guidance

Let’s see - SMCI reports a miss on Non-GAAP EPS of 8 Cents and Negative Revenue Growth of -5.9% YOY.

But - saves the day with really what folks think is really great Guidance; which, for SMCI I suppose it is. And then…and then, the stock falls upward around 9-10% during After Hours trading.

The world - has turned upside down; albeit, only for growth, at least for a while. Another reason to diversify the portfolio a bit until the storm blows over. Thereafter there will be plenty of time to make hay during any new legitimate bull run. Maybe.

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Yea it’s funny but they do say growth will pick up in the last half of the year. They are building out more production facilities in Malaysia and their biggest competitor Inspur was put on the entity list so it is unlikely that AMD or NVDA will be selling chips to INSPUR putting SMCI at the top of the heap with only one other competitor, Lenovo, which is another Chinese company that could be put on the entity list. Leaving SMCI in the driver seat for everywhere but China.



Brilliant Champ…You have an absolute knack for mixing humor with investing.


Hi Inspired:

Thanks for the comment: but I only try to add a little levity to my investing so I don’t cry when I look at my portfolio over the last 18 months or so.

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