SMTA Finally!

As I promised ages ago, here’s the final accounting after SMTA paid the $8.00 special dividend. Recall that management projected anywhere from $0.50 - $1.35 additional distributions. At that point, I bought more shares at around $0.70. There was a ).50 distribution in late 2020 and now comes and additional 0.52 distributed yesterday, for a total of 1.02. That’s not a bad return in this market.…

Thanks for all the guidance on this one,


Vince, thanks for the follow-up! That’s not bad at all, though it’s always a bit annoying to have an uncertain time frame on the investment. Still, not all the long when it was finally settled. And as you say, in this market that return looks like a pretty big win, at least in percentage terms. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you made some scratch on it!