SNOWFLAKE increases its TAM

Snowflake announced a few very interesting and exciting things today. The biggest by far, to me anyway, is Unistore. Basically, this is a way to allow some transactional workloads (traditionally SQL databases). They have built row-store capabilities to allow these.

“As a part of Unistore, Snowflake is introducing Hybrid Tables, which offer fast single-row operations and allow customers to build transactional business applications directly on Snowflake.”…

To further support this, they announced application framework, to allow for database objects and such.…

They are pitching this as now companies can build their applications on Snowflake and utilize Snowflake for analytical purposes as well. Reducing or eliminating the need to move data (ETL).

“now the day has come when it’s possible for organizations to use a single platform for both their transactional and analytical data.”

Big & exciting move. Don’t expect this to be a big money maker in the near-term but long-term, definitely something to watch. Technology evolves quickly, adoption evolves slowly.