So much for experts.

Quick one marginally off-topic so any replies more than a a two or three probably out of order?

I have often questioned the curious habit of folks here indulging themselves by comparing the risk-level of their superb results to the dear old widows and orphans favorite, the S&P 500. But here’s a result where I think we can properly derive amusement and where triumphalism is not misplaced: the results of the great and good of the Barrons Round Table.

Although I will naturally allow that the panellists could reply they would have sold and not actually had such an arbitrarily date-defined result and they were recommendations at the date given, nevertheless, I think it is legitimate to crow and even chortle at the experts.

As always, congratulations Saul.

Couldn’t agree more Strelna. Following the Barrons experts equates to throwing darts

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Speaking of ETFs (which I have learned right here to dislike because they would invariably be composed largely of equities that I would not otherwise buy independently) … turns out I may soon need to take a passive stance to investing and will therefore need to identify a couple of ETFs that operate in this space as the next best thing. So far I have identified PSJ (Dynamic Software). Is it too off topic to ask if readers have any other similar ideas?

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I’m sorry, Fireblade, but asking to start a thread on ETF’s is really OFF-TOPIC for our board. I’ll ask ANYONE WHO WANTS TO RESPOND to you to do it off board (by going to the boxes below while putting in a reply, and unchecking “Post this Reply to the Boards”, and checking “E-Mail this Reply to the Author”).

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Yes you’re absolutely right. Apologies