So where are the bank runs by Millions of Americans, the arrest of the Blob?

I sleep in, watch 30 minutes of Bloomberg Technology at noon upon awakening, then push off to find news about millions of Americans who are supposed to be forcing bank runs (per the idjits on that All In Podcast, and all the other VC podcasts.) And what about Mr. “Protest, protest, protest?” I see no evidence today of large crowds standing in line at American regional banks. I see no proof that a large mass of ired hats are congregating where non-particular tyrants congregate.

Yesterday, there were more reporters in NYC surrounding a very tiny pod of Trumpsters who beached themselves in front of Trump Tower. Cops and reporters outnumbered the Sillies by 5 to 1. I wonder if they showed up again today? (To be so brainwashed by their Cult Leader tells me deprogramming won’t take with people who deny reality.)

I’m sure there is more Flat Earth News to exist today, but it is time to get busy with MidJourney5. But first, a stroll in the jungle. Exercise, sunshine, and Nick Cat9 trotting ahead of me like an aware tiger to take the Stress Level to absolute 0.