Solomon's Baby…

As or if you read this remember this might not be news at all. Meaning it could be a few opinions being spun as a crisis. Would Yahoo make up news articles?


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s plan to split $7 billion in frozen assets from Afghanistan’s central bank to benefit relatives of 9/11 victims has sparked a fierce pushback from Washington to Kabul.

Afghans say the move is a devastating blow to a country already in an economic and humanitarian tailspin, an argument echoed by prominent members of Congress.

Lawmakers in both parties also fear that Biden’s plan – under which the U.S. would devote half the funds to humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan and half to the 9/11 families – could inadvertently prop up the Taliban if some of the funds are diverted to the group’s coffers.

Meanwhile, some families of 9/11 victims worry they will get left out of the payout.

The resistance from multiple fronts presents fresh political blowback for Biden, six

Just after 911 $80 b was allocated for damages for the attack. Much of it for the families of the victims. At that time most legal experts warned the payout was going to restructure the value of human life in a court of law because the payouts to the families were so high.

In other words these often already rich families got more money for their losses than any court would have ever considered at that time.

These were often very rich families. The greed of those offering the opinion that they need more money is shameful.
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