Some Bullish Celsius News

According to a Beverage Insights tweet today: A whopping 87% of c-store retailers said they plan on giving Celsius energy more shelf space during spring resets, per Goldman Sachs Beverage Bytes survey. Celsius is expected to increase its space by 12.8% on a weighted avg store basis.

Looks like Monster and Red Bull must be losing space. :slight_smile:


I have a position in Celsius because the numbers looked too good to not have a position. But, after spending so much time and energy in tech investments Celsius presents quite a learning curve. There’s an awful lot of stuff with respect retail, and beverage retail in particular that is so unfamiliar. Never gave shelf space a thought when I was looking at software companies (though the term shelfware was common parlance when I was in IT. It referred to a software product which never got installed, or if installed, seldom used by a small number of users. Yes, in those bygone days before the internet, software used to be packaged).


Thanks for sharing @FoolishJeff and I would like to add the latest Nielsen data, which @jonahlupton shared on X with some additional insights:

$CELH grew volumes by 69.9% YoY with +28.1% price increase which means US retail sales grew ~89.5% YoY

Keeping in mind, that CELH lapped the 1-year anniversary of Pepsi taking over the distribution of CELH we are comping against those numbers of late 2022.

It is worth reading the thread on X.

CELH is my largest position.



Hi HaikiliKona,

69.9% volume growth and 28.1% sales price increase would indicate these tracked sales grew 117.6% YoY, correct? 1.699x1.281= 2.176 (+117.6%)



@HaikiliKona1 Yes, i follow Jonah on X so that is where i found the info. Excellent thread! Something to note, the Nielsen data you refer to above was only for the last 4 weeks. The Nielsen data i posted a few weeks ago was for the past 12 weeks. So, i believe you are right, things are slowing as we hit the 1 year anniversary of the Pepsi rollout. 12 week growth in tracked channels was 149% vs 118% over the past 4 weeks, if Bnh calculation is correct.

As mentioned in the thread, Jonah is forecasting 57% growth next year vs the tougher comps. The consensus estimate is 38.5% growth for next year.