Some Nations Reject US Meddling…
Pakistan, a nuclear power with 200 million people, did more than simply abstain from the UN vote. When the United States asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to join the anti-Russia coalition, he scoffed, “Are we your slaves…that whatever you say, we will do?” This came not long after he told the Pentagon: “Any bases, any sort of action from Pakistani territory into Afghanistan, absolutely not.” On the day President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine, Khan was with him in the Kremlin.
Washington is also in near-panic over a new security pact that the Solomon Islands (population 650,000) has signed with China. The White House said it would “have significant concerns and respond accordingly” if the pact gives China too much military influence in the Solomons. Prime Minster Manasseh Sogavare replied that he found it “very insulting” for the United States to brand his country “unfit to manage our sovereign affairs.” Media in the region have speculated about a possible coup, or even an invasion launched from Australia.
Vietnam abstained from the UN vote condemning Russia and then announced a series of joint maneuvers with the Russian military. Indonesia, the world’s fourth-largest country, which will host this year’s G20 summit, insists that Putin will be invited despite U.S. and European efforts to isolate him.

I suppose these nations will lumped into the axis-of-evil along with Russia. And of course China & India that contain 1/3 of the world’s population. Already China is under US economic assault. Now Blinken is rising concerns of human rights violation in India. There is a price to be paid for opposition of US strategic plan for world primacy.
Could new economic relationships develop? Will old economic relationship fracture & end?

From the first link:Few world leaders have endorsed Russia’s invasion. Some, however, might be forgiven for wondering how the United States, which bombed Serbia, invaded Iraq, occupied Afghanistan and attacked Libya, can claim that it opposes aggression. They are steeped in accounts of CIA kidnappings and torture in secret prisons, so calls from Washington to support the “rules-based order” ring hollow.
My, one might think the US is hypocritical in its unilateral military actions while condemning Russia and heavy handed in diplomatic criticism with other nations.

I still of the opinion expressed on 3/26 that “Russia will achieve control the eastern section of the Ukraine where the ethnic Russians minority are concentrated. A victory, though not a total victory, in comparison to US regime change attempts. Though the experience of this conflict will likely dissuade Russia from any future adventures into Eastern Europe. Thus creating more fodder for even more US defense spending. A win the the defense industry oligarchs. I also predict a return of US troops to Europe likely not in the numbers prior to the fall of the Soviet Union but an increase. Our NATO allies will enjoy the resulting cash infusion from such an action plus the increased protection such a deployment will provide.”*
Also of the opinion that the US wishes to reduce Russian power & economy prior to moving on China confrontation.