Sorry I thot this would be posted in reply to Kevin leaving. Again, Kevin could you offer anything about ANET. Also a really big thank you for your posts and don’t wanna hafta see you go.

Hi Jim,

I have some ANET currently. I’ve been off again and on again the stock. I like their mid-term prospects and there is plenty of share left for them to take. I also agree with others on the Cisco litigation in that it is less likely to impact them in a serious manner.

That said, I’d be keeping a watch out on their close partner Infinera stepping into their world someday. If/when they get to the point of performing switching functions on the transport side it would have a serious impact to Arista, Cisco and Juniper alike. I think though that they are several years away from that happening. Just something to put on your radar for a possible situation many years from now.