Source material for new ideas?

“The Fastest Growing Companies Use These Technologies”…

A lot of this is stuff I’ve never heard of…


Yeh - They are all pretty much digital marketing apps/services etc. They serve the start up and digital client base which is probably going to be the fastest growing anyhow. I’ve heard of most of them and use some of them (now that I am in a digital start up company and running with that crowd).
I think quite a lot of these have been covered in this board.
Nice to see HUBS and New Relic in there. Go Daddy and Rack Space are competitors to Box, AWS and Azure - we happen to use Go Daddy although I’m invested in Box.
It reminds me I need to get some New Relic - it fell between the cracks loading up on MuleSoft and Splunk choosing between Square and Paypal and watching Nutanix.

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