SQ & SHOP - Another Anecdote


Had a leftover Thanksgiving Sunday night with my daughter who was at husband’s relatives in Florida for the Thursday Thanksgiving. The more opportunities to give thanks - the better. And I got to hear my grandson’s to be fetal heartbeat. They are now calling it “womb-music”. Very cool.

My daughter has a small graphic design business in Denver and now uses SQ. She has signed up for Shopify and when the web site is complete - she says she will be transferring over payments to SHOP and stop SQ. She is not sure of payment difference but her husband (entrepreneur type guy) says that even if it’s a bit more - it’s worth having everything with SHOP connected.

So - wondering if this is not just an isolated instance of one of my companies taking business from another.

Any thoughts.

Very long SHOP and just bought more at 40.5 of SQ to add to my small position. Love the drop.