Starvation problems in Africa

Chad Declares Food Emergency As Grain Supplies Fall

“We need urgent food aid for the population,” Non-Assoum said, stressing the urgency. “If even the middle-income population in the capital can’t cope with this situation, how can the rural population? It’s very complicated, and we need the international community to help us…”

And the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Action (OCHA) recently warned that one-third of Chad – about 5.5 million people – urgently needs humanitarian assistance.

Higher interest rates and a prolonged war in Ukraine will exacerbate food insecurity and the political instability it produces.

The European Union and the US will have their hands full dealing with rising rates and consumer belt-tightening. As unease rises along with interest rates - especially in Europe’s debtor states, feeding Africa may not be a priority for leaders of advanced economies on either side of the pond.


Out of control population explosion … average of over 6 kids per woman …

The real Global Crisis is African populations growing - they don’t create too much CO2 now … but does anyone really think they don’t all want a nice western lifestyle in due course …

None of our business though.

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