States trying to compete for a shrinking student enrollment

This is a macro event because higher education is a major outlay for large numbers of families, which impacts a wide variety of areas as resources are shifted from other areas/activities (or new debt taken on) to fund the higher education of (some? all? of) their children. Reducing that cost substantially lessens (removes?) the burden on families.


Back when I worked at Arm, a UK based company, my co-workers were also surprised how us Americans put up with the very high cost of college. (same with health care). I agreed with them.

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Michigan university enrollment has been falling too. While U of M and Michigan State have seen increases, the other state universities, as a group, have seen enrollment fall. Last year, one of the local TV stations was whining constantly about Central Michigan’s enrollment falling 40% in the last 10 years.


Some public colleges/University in MI apparently offer “free” tuition to qualifying students?

Notice that more than half the states offer some kind of free tuition service.
TX no.
MI yes.

:mortar_board:for all!

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Not everyone qualifies.

The most hopeful thing I have seen in education in Michigan is “the Kalamazoo promise”. A program, funded by anonymous donors, to offer free tuition at Michigan universities to graduates of Kalamazoo public schools. The program pro-rates the support, based on the number of years in KPS If you have been a student in KPS since kindergarten, you get four years of college paid by the program.

A POTUS, some years ago, delivered the commencement address at Kalamazoo Central High School, in recognition of the program.

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Speaking of others stepping up to facilitate education, where the (L&Ses) in Lansing refuse. Most of use have heard the airlines crying that they can’t find qualified staff. Whatsa Matta U, my alma mater, has one of the largest and best aviation programs in the country now, training everyone from mechanics to pilots. The (L&Ses) would not forego another tax cut for “JCs” to make that possible, so the program has heavy sponsorship from Delta and United Airlines.

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