Strong Unions Lift All Boats

… this is huge for nonunion autoworkers toiling in the low-wage, crappy health care states.



Our lower level managers, supervisors generally supported our union work in our WeCo/LU days, as well s whatever RBOCs we happened to be working in at the time of various activities, many had began at the entry level themselves, understood the issues, and generally no grudges held in most cases… At higher union levels, we knew a lot about the game was respect for each other, as well as the need to negotiate solutions… The hardheads that didn’t understand the game, generally lost out, never saw the big picture… And manager’s raises followed our membership gains, as your title notes… Good to see the auto industry’s understandings as well…


I was in management at Westinghouse broadcast stations. When the shipyards in Baltimore (different division, obviously) went on strike, one of their issues was “dental coverage.” We all pulled for them because we knew if they got it we all would get it.

And they did. And within six months so did we.

Those damn unions!


Meanwhile the nonunion autoworkers in the high-wage union-friendly states are seeing plenty of positions being eliminated.

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In time of inflation rising costs make union membership popular!! Strikes have to be costly on both sides but workers benefit.

Stellantis, having rolled up GM’s European operations, Fiat’s operations, and the North American Chrysler operations, must have massive redundancies all over. I doubt the USian media will be overly concerned about layoffs in Italy, the UK, or Germany tho.


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May have speculated about this before…

So Toyota gave their US workers 10%. Honda 11%. And Hyundai 25%. The Hyundai raise comes after the President of the UAW said to the Toyota workers, words to the effect “you happy with only 10%? Organize your plants with the UAW and see a bigger raise”.

But this isn’t happening in a vacuum. The Asian automakers are used to dealing with unions at home. What of the other companies in “right to work” states? Are they going to see their best workers flying out the door, because they can do a lot better at an auto plant, even a non-union one? The “JCs” will put the blame on the UAW raising the bar for all workers Southern “JCs” may own their state (L&Ses), but southern states can’t do anything about the UAW’s power base in Michigan. Will we see the “right thinking” in DC stuff their pockets full, and start writing up a draconian national “right to work” law to outlaw collective bargaining and labor contracts?



We were literally told for 40 years that paying Americans was not a good idea.

Who was dumb enough to believe that crap? It is the deadbeat supply-side economics stuff.

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True. Are you overly concerned about those layoffs?


As concerned as I am for anyone felled by a beancounter’s knife. The Shiny media tends to be very provincial though. They care not one whit for the workers at Ellesmere Port.