Study on men's health in 11 wealthy countries


  • Looking across the 11 high-income countries in our study, rates of avoidable deaths, chronic conditions, and mental health needs for U.S. men are among the highest in our analysis.
  • Men in the U.S. have the lowest rate of prostate cancer–related deaths.
  • Men in Canada, the United States, and Sweden are the least likely to have a regular doctor and have among the highest rates of emergency department use for conditions that could have been treated in a doctor’s office.
  • Men in the U.S. and Switzerland skip needed care because of costs and incur medical bills at the highest rates.
    ** In the U.S., men with lower income or frequent financial stress are less likely to get preventive care, more likely to have problems affording their care, and more likely to have physical and mental health conditions.

The difference between wealthier Americans and poorer working Americans in life expectancy is 15 years. In other words those who have in the US out live most people anywhere else on the globe.

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