Supreme Court struck down federal student debt forgiveness

And where would Fox Noise be, without it’s JC sponsors?

More Fox Noise at work: I noticed a post on FB a while back “build the wall, repeal Medicare”. That guy’s own friends replied “are you crazy? we paid for Medicare!”



Yep it keeps getting dumber.

BTW California for the middle class has lower taxes than 31 other states. Those who reside in the other higher tax states, for the middle class, think CA has higher taxes.

It gets dumber yet.

LOL just thinking people are leaving CA for TX. The taxes on the middle class are higher in TX.

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The principle of “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”… ?

They got a lollipop, and now it’s being taken away?

ralph thinks loans to student at PUBLICLY Supported institutions should be reduced.

Those who willing choose private (especially the scam for-profit and religious) institutions might get something less? Nah. Don’t reward em for making stupid choices.


Isn’t it odd that the pandemic “loans” which were given to businesses to keep them afloat were “forgiven” by the multiple billions of dollars, but the “student loans” given to children and young adults are a violation of that good ole’ Free Enterprise Spirit? (For the record, of $790B loaned, $757B has been “forgiven”. That dwarfs the student loan forgiveness program.)

As cynical as I find Steve to be, I have to say on this one, uh, I think I see a difference. One goes to business owners and so-called job-creators, and one goes to, you know, people.


Pretty sure if you owe me $100 and I say “That’s OK, I’ll waive it” that means you don’t have to pay me back. The USSC seems to have a different interpretation of the word.


Boomers are now retirees, mostly. I believe you are referring to Gen X, who are now becoming the high earners.

Samuelson predicted that by the 1980’s the soviet union would overtake the US as the largest economy, he then revised that to the 1990’s before abandoning the theory all together. Both Samuelson and Friedman have at times been flawed in their thinking but neither are completely correct or incorrect. Your absolute statement in that regard indicates only a passing understanding of economics and sounds more like someone blinded by ideology.


JCs pay taxes twice potentially. Corporate and property taxes and for each check they sign for their management and workers income and payroll taxes.

How often does a student pay that much in taxes?

People are supposed to work.

That said how much we do NOT subsidize college tuition is criminal. We boomers had a lot more financial support from society. You know an actual hand out if we went to a state school.

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Nice try, but total failure.

JCs do not pay taxes at all. All their taxes are paid by the people who buy the goods and services sold. Fact of business.

Better guess next time ???


Well, other Boomers may have had “financial support” for college, but I had precisely zero. Had two part time jobs and started a small dry laundry/dry cleaning delivery business to fraternities and sorities to make it through.



yeah, I put myself thru, did not want a student loan. College was much cheaper then, so it was hard but doable. Just went locally, so definitely wasn’t the “college experience” that a lot of people use as a rite of passage nowadays. College expense is definitely much more of a burden on todays students than on the boomers, but I think college was a lot more bare bones when we went.

False. Total Tax burden on families making under $100,000. California ranks 2nd (behind Vermont) at $6,328 Texas ranks 49 (above only Alaska) at $2,214. That’s all taxes: income, sales, property, etc.


Go after the 75% of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) money given to business owners that failed to protect any employee paychecks, and put what’s recovered towards student loan relief.

Little of the Paycheck Protection Program’s $800 Billion Protected Paychecks - The New York Times (



Not to mention student loans at 9%, whose rate could never be decreased on subsequent loans, no matter what other’s were paying that started taking out loans after me. This Boomer started saving for her kids’ college education from the day we started trying to have them. Our kids graduated debt free and with money in the bank from their paid co-ops. We didn’t want them to be slaves to debt, having their debt influence their employment choices.

Our kids were always asking why we didn’t have the same expensive toys their friends’ parents did. Senior year in high school, Youngest came up to thank us for our frugalness. His friends with the expensive family toys were killing themselves with worry over how to pay for college, and he knew all he had to do was focus on getting good grades. “I get it now.”

fine with kids being kids but wanting parents to be adults so the kids will have a clue when they become adults

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If you went to a state university, the “financial support” was invisible to you, because states funded universities much more generously than now. In the 70s, when I was in college, the Michigan government funded 80% of the university’s running costs. I covered my 20% with, at various times, working in a bowling alley, working in a foundry one summer, and working at Radio Shack. I lived at home, because it was expedient. I covered my tuition, books, lab fees, running costs for my car (very snazzy 70 Cougar) and clothes from earnings. Only “burden” born by my mother was keeping the freezer stocked with TV dinners, and she got slave labor: mowing grass, shoveling snow, running laundry, vacuuming. I graduated with zero debt, and money in the bank. That would have been impossible if I had to pay 70% of the university’s running costs, like students in Michigan do now.



I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but in fairness I don’t think you do either.,of%20loans%20have%20been%20forgiven.

This is surely applause worthy. But then if we always have to slave ourselves to the past, we’d never have been able to start Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid. FHA loans. Veterans Benefits. Unemployment Insurance. Disability Insurance. Flood insurance. SNAP. Obamacare. COBRA. The USDA. The SBA. And others. At some point we bite the bullet and say “Yeah, well it used to be that everybody had to do “xyz” by themselves, but there’s a greater good in helping society prosper.

Like, say, primary education once upon a time. How about all those kids that had to read a book by the fireplace at night, then pick cotton all day? Why should the next generation of kids have the luxury of sitting in a classroom with a freaking instructor of all things?


No way total tax burden is $2214 in Texas. Unless that family simply doesn’t own a home. If they spend $2,000 a month on stuff, like groceries, dining, clothing, etc. that alone nearly hits that amount. $2200 in property taxes is like a $110,000 home, and good luck finding that. Your numbers just do not work.


Nah the middle managers and people who could not stop crying in their beers were crying me a river as well. The lottery ticket mentality. I will win the lotto but I need taxes to be low when I do. In fact as the lottery came into every(?) state the need among “businessmen” and “drunks” to lower taxes grew.

The capital gains rate is the same pretty much as the income tax rate. The lotto mentality never ends. Just general cheerleading for nonsense disastrous economic policies.

Gen Z and Millennials are cut from a different cloth but do not participate in mid terms as much.

Hey Murph,

What school did you graduate?