Sweden appears to have been right about Covid

It is certainly unfortunate. I don’t mind being made fun of and, in fact, being criticized by some folks is probably an indication that I am on the right track. But taking an out-of-the-blue pot-shot at teachers is unjustified and suggests one has reached the “cranky” period in life.

You’ve criticized me several times but have done so with wit, which is a lot more enjoyable. I sometimes “poke the bear” just to get another bon mot.


GB Shaw’s repeated quote written in 1905 is “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach." Back then, of course, most teachers were…wait for it…women. If you taught at a university or college, you weren’t a teacher, you were a professor. To say that there was a fair bit of inherent misogyny in the statement is probably an understatement.

A better riposte attributed to Aristotle is: “Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.”



Or a healthy dose of reality, as women were not allowed to participate in many fields. My maternal grandmother had three daughters. She demanded they each learn a skill, so “they would not need to depend on a man”. My mom went to “business school”, which, in those days, meant office skills: typing and shorthand. One of my aunt’s earned a Bachelor’s and Masters in education, and taught for thirty five years. My other aunt earned a degree in occupational therapy. When she married, they moved from Kalamazoo to Cleveland, because that was where she landed a job in OT. Her husband was an electrician, and could find work anywhere.

Steve…whose college engineering classmates in the 70s were almost entirely male


You are never wrong which is not only totally untrue but boring.

The criticism directly is you are ungrounded.

From my pov each of these conversations boils down to you take positions that are not true and holding on for dear life. It is not a conversation when one party is often wrong but never seems to even know it. There is nothing there but being talked at.

Yes but Aristotle’s endless quest was to ground himself in reasonable explanations. He did pretty well at it. Really he was impressive.

Misogyny absolutely but honest. We all live in glass houses and are often wrong. Occasionally meeting people honestly would be refreshing.

Those who do are also often wrong. Standing on being wrong…what is that? We are not simply online. This is not Facebook. We have some dozens of us. Being wrong is a reputation. Meet it and clear it up.

The claim is just fooling around experimenting etc…odd because when it does not add up as pointed out repeatedly he simply does not get it. We get an earful doubling down. Last I heard when an experiment’s theory is invalid we move on.

Swedens model used in the US would have been a disaster because we are a fat slob, unhealthy, lazy, poor diet, no exercise nation for the most part.


The US did fail.

European cultures run differently. The interpersonal skills run deeper.

Sweden did as best she could. There is no success in a pandemic. There are casualties.