Swing Trading the BIG '' E "

Swing Trading the BIG ‘’ E ".

Still working on the Big E project for the Pettyca$h time permitting. So far observing when that any Big E on a Green line, it takes off North. eg… TESLA ( TSLA _

have seen some last only 3 days

It appears so far that the ’ E ’ is posted on the day after which then means Day One is the starting date to buy the sock.

Still looking for a good list of Earnings. The above is okay. Have to look if Barchart or Stockcharts produce a list of Earnings reports.
Still have more research work to do.

In the Navy, if you see the big ’ E ’ on the smoke stacks or somewhere on the upper decks means the ship passed all required tests for Excellence and Efficiency. My ship had an E and a hash mark/s underneath means it won another test.

All ships have to take the test annually out at sea for 3 days.