I noticed SWIR today because it got the SA 10% pop notice (actually 16%) - no news.


1YPEG of 0.08 here:

and 1YPEG of 0.1 in TipTree’s sheet

Stock was at $14 yesterday - about where it was when SA recommended it I think. Does this renew interest on this board?

Neil’s chart
which indicates growth at -43.6%


So what: Even after today’s pop, note Sierra Wireless stock has still fallen more than 30% so far this month, including a 25% single-day drop after the Internet of Things specialist released weaker-than-expected third-quarter results a little over a week ago. Keeping in mind Sierra Wireless had already issued similarly disappointing guidance with each of its two previous earnings reports, Q3 technically marked the first time this year that Sierra Wireless also fell short of Wall Street’s already reduced top- and bottom-line estimates.


Get to know SWIR in 10 slides…

a value analysis shows SWIR is not so hot compared to peers.

Anyone that might be interested in this stock may want to listen/read the latest earnings conference. There wasn’t much to be excited about in the call or at least I didn’t find much at all.


Cramer just said he prefers Integrated Device Technologies (or something like that).

I own this stock and agree there is not much to be excited about.

Further, while I know that Saul uses non-gaap measures, the adjustments they make to their earnings are pretty egregious.