SWKS Earnings Date - No warning

Skyworks announced that it’ll be releasing fiscal Q1’16 earnings on Jan 28th after market close (two days after Apple releases their earnings).

For whatever it’s worth, they did not issue a warning like Cirrus Logic and Qorvo did. Incidentally, here’s an interesting analysis of the actual numbers behind those warnings: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3798956-apple-the-silver-lin…

As a reminder, here is Skyworks’ guidance:

Turning to our first quarter fiscal 2016 business outlook, we expect revenue to be between $925 million and $930 million, up 5.3% sequentially and 15% year-over-year. At the midpoint of the range, we anticipate gross margin to be 51%, representing a 430-basis-point year-over-year improvement. We expect our operating expenses to be around $108 million, driven by ongoing investments in engineering and development teams as we expand our footprint within new verticals and further enhance our integration capabilities. We expect first quarter operating margins to exceed 39%.

Below the line, we anticipate around $900,000 in expenses from interest and other expense and a cash tax rate around 14.5%. For the remainder of fiscal 2016, we recommend modeling a cash tax rate in the 14.5% range. We expect Q1 share count to be around 195 million shares resulting in EPS of $1.60 at the midpoint of the revenue range.

We’ll find out in a few weeks! It’ll be nice to have some facts, whichever direction they point.




How does the $88 million termination fee with PMCS factor in to earnings this quarter? Does that go straight to the bottom line (minus any legal fees or other associated with the deal)?

If I understand it correctly that would affect GAAP but not non-GAAP?




I would agree with your assessment. The $88M is a one time positive event. I would deduct it from the earnings I figure for the quarter. Management is likely to do the same meaning they will exclude that from adjusted/Non-GAAP EPS.