SWKS inventory

I see no inventory issue with SWKS. Inventory is amazingly steady. I compared inventory with 3 month cost of goods sold. Hard to get data because one is presented current quarter vs. previous quarter, the other is presented current quarter vs. year earlier quarter.
Anyway, without all data points, 7/13/15 inventory was $272.7 million versus 6/28/13 of $232.3 million (17.4% increase). However, COGS were $416.9 million vs. $247.9 million (68% increase).
In other words, inventory as a percent of COGS decreased from 93.7% of COGS to 65.4% (again, inventory versus quarterly COGS). However, there was sort of a step change in these percentages in the June 27, 2014 report where these percentages changed from the 80-90% range to 60-70% range so there may be product or accounting or purchasing changes that allowed inventory to stay relatively level while revenue and COGS increased rapidly.