SWKS - thrashing guidance

Here’s the results:-

and here’s the transcript…

Margin looking good, cash looking great.
Apple still slightly above 40% of revs - so a very real iPhone 7 and 8 risk here!
TC-SAW is motoring and they claim they have BAW now.
IOT beginning to move the needle.


I managed to sell a portion of my position before earnings.
Awesome timing on my part!

In all honesty, I lightened the position but kept most of it so today’s move was still exciting.

I look forward to Database Bob’s review of the quarter. They are always well thought out.

Ant - You mention IoT beginning to move the needle. I believe Broad Markets have been running around 20% of revs, but the growth wasn’t great last quarter as I recall. I’ll be looking at info on that, but not much time to do so now.

I also own AAPL, and the combo of the two does concern me a bit.

Glad to see good results and even happier to see the stock price today.

Take care,

Yeh - the revenue growth looked fairly mundane (8% outside Apple) and somehow the EPS got diluted and nowhere near matched earnings growth. I have been waiting for an opportunity to exit SWKS and I took it today taking my 40%+ gain off the table over 2.3 years. Obviously I would have been better off taking a 50% gain over just a few months way back when if I had had Saul’s timing ability but alas that was not the case.

Frankly if 8% revenues growth are the best we can expect and beats expectations, I’m better off in any of the 50-100% growth stocks we have been discussing like: SHOP, Twilio, FB, SQ, BABA, Hortonworks and Zen or solid double digit growers like PAYC, Criteo, Box, Amazon, INBK, LGIH, Neogen and PayPall. Besides I need to raise a little cash right now anyhow as the tax man commeth - even in Singapore.

Good luck to all that hold.