Take a Look at SLVO & GLDI

SLVO & GLDI aren’t bonds, but covered-call ETFs that offer fat yields. The monthly div isn’t fixed, cumulative, or guaranteed. But then, neither are the coupon rates on many preferreds. If you’re willing to accept the risks of non-cumulative, floating-rate, never-maturing preferreds, then you should be (at least) looking at covered call ETFs, of which there are a dozen or so that cover the major asset classes/indexes.

Right now, SLVO & GLDI are trading lower than they’ve been in a year. Due your due diligence and --if you buy-- size your opening position small. (IMHO, 'natch.)



QYLD and XYLD are also covered call ETFs.
Q uses Nasdaq stocks. X uses SP500 stocks.
They use buy-writes initially and presumably ongoing calls in a falling market.
Not sure if they roll up in a rising market.
Feels like mug’s game to me.
I’m sure that the stocks are quality companies, but I’d rather work that strategy with individual companies where at a minimum I own the underlying.


I’ve held QYLD since October and the dividends are strong and the stock price has been flat to slightly up…doc