Take a Look at This Chart Template

For sure, this is a cherry-picked example of a clean, clean chart where the moves and cross-overs are obvious, which is exactly the sort of graphic assistance one needs when slamming through hundreds of charts as one preps for the next day’s market. Here’s how to build it.

Main Panel: HLC bars with a 1-month lookback. This is overlaid with the Smoothed HA indicator(MA1, MA1) and PARTP(15,3) and MATRI(3) and MATRI(5).
Second Panel: DIFA (10, MA, Percentage).

My thinking is this. HLC bars indicate actual prices. The HA indicator makes the trend obvious, as does the swooping MA pair and the SAR indicator. The ‘Distance From Average’ indicator suggests over-bought/over-sold (as would a half dozen other indicators. So, pick one. It really doesn’t make much difference.)

As for entry/exit rules, I’ll leave that for you to discover for yourselves, because everyone has a different sense of how to make predictions from a chart. But some informal testing suggests several things:

#1, Next day entries and exits are viable for them with a day job who do their analayses the night before.
#2, One’s opening position might be just a fraction of one’s intended full position. (But chose your own preferred method to scale in and out.)