Talend and GDPR

According to the Talend CEO Mike Tuchen (who is a very clear communicator), GDPR means that “every European citizen owns their own data. And so for anyone that’s providing a service - like Facebook - in Europe, they actually don’t own the data of the European citizens.”

This part starts at about 3:30 into the following video, and he goes on to explain how Talend can help companies deal with these regulations: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/04/12/talend-ceo-gdpr-regula…

Cramer: “This must be great business for you.”

Tuchen: “Yeah, it’s definitely been a bump.”

This helped me understand the value of Talend.



Hi Bear,

Only just managed to watch it. Basically in a sweet spot as the GDPR regulation only comes into force in a few weeks. The CEO said a lot of companies seem to have left it to the last minute. Hinting at a potentially great quarter when they report on May 10th?