Talend events


This is an audio only event. I have not yet listened to it. The wife is getting a root canal and I am waiting for her. (Soon as she gets out we’ll go get some rock candy. :wink:

Talend reports today with a confrence call tonight.

There will be a big conference in May.


The earnings call is today.



Record total quarterly revenue of $41.5 million, an increase of 36% year-over-year


$41 to 42 million was the guidance on slide 2 of the presentation from last quarter, linked below.

No real move yet in the after-hours…maybe it will remain pretty steady.

I had planned to initiate a position in the after-hours if the revenue number had been in the $45M range, but being right in the middle of prior guidance, I’m going to hold off for now and keep more cash ready for other opportunities (including exercising some PSTG Feb 16 2018 $17.50 calls Friday).

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