Teekay Tankers (TNK) div news

Taking a page from Intl Seaways (INSW), Teekay Tankers (TNK) has announced new plans for a regular dividend and a special dividend.
The regular will be $0.25/sh and the special div will be $1/sh.

Many years ago, TNK used to pay a variable dividend. Then they stopped.
Now TNK restart their dividend

Teekay Tankers Updates Capital Allocation Plan (yahoo.com)

Only difference between Teekay Tankers Class A and Class B shares is the voting rights and Teekay parent, Teekay Corp (TK) owns all the Class B shares (more votes per share)

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TNK popped today nicely and I had it on my screen but didn’t pull the trigger :frowning:…doc

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Likely due to the div announcement. Parent company TK also riding higher on the news.

GSL moved up today. I took a position in it this morning and it has moved up most of the day even with the downturn in the market…doc

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Yes. As noted in the GSL thread - share buybacks & debt paydown and a div (maintained,) are all positives.