Teladoc (TDOC), updates?

I just finished reading through a long thread on Teladoc titled “Teledoc(sic) (TDOC)”:

Much discussion about moat, barriers to entry, etc., then this:…

… which cites three news stories from last March about Trump reducing restrictions on telehealth to help with getting COVID-19 medical help:………

I’ve looked and haven’t found any updates on lifting of telehealth restrictions or how long such relief is likely to last, but as long as it does, any regulatory competitive advantage Teladoc may have had seems greatly diminished.

Also, Teladoc still isn’t covered by Medicare according to their website, and I haven’t been able to find any updated information on when or if such coverage will be extended.

Both my dermatologist and my PCP are currently using Zoom for telemedicine visits with no particular HIPAA concerns noted… both claim that Zoom visits are no different from telephone consultations from a regulatory perspective, and presumably they’ve run that past their lawyers.

I hold a small TDOC position and it’s my fourth-largest percentage “loser” so far (I put “loser” in quotes because I know it’s not a loss unless I sell) and not a lot of indication that it’s likely to turn around any time soon. It does seem to me like their competitive position is far down from what it once was, including with Amazon dipping their toe into the pond (currently limited to employees but that’ll change, you can be sure). I don’t mind hanging on for a while but I don’t see a big upside for TDOC at this point.

However, I am almost always wrong about this stuff so any inclinations to show me the error of my ways would be most welcome.