Telaria Lawsuit

I know Telaria (TLRA) is not discussed much here, but I have seen it mentioned a few times and is worth noting the merger investigation with the Rubicon Project, Inc.…

The merger was such great news to investors. Here its what the Merger means for both.…

This article ( which I hope is ok tho post here) explains Telaria and is why ( not specifically to this article) but to as why as a growth company this thing has a long way to go and is just getting started as a $500 mill small cap.

What kind of impact will or does a lawsuit of this type have on an investment is my question?

I post this in hopes of others thoughts that are much more experienced than me as well as to shed light on it for any others that may be invested here if not to get Telaria a nod.

Thanks in advance and to all that contribute here! Priceless place.


The article I attended to post wasn’t allowed, had the breakdown and financials of Telaria aside from lawsuit. apologies.