Tesla has slashed the prices of its Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV between 6% and 20% in the US, as it reverses strategy after demand tapers

There are no EVs on the three big new car lots in Key West for $GM $F $TMC $STLA or $HYMTF.

When does Elon start advertising on the Super Bowl? This year?

:pushpin: Tesla has slashed the prices of its Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV between 6% and 20% in the US.

:pushpin: The EV maker also slashed prices in Europe — including Germany and France.

:pushpin: The price cuts are a reversal from 2022, when Tesla hiked prices several times amid supply chain disruptions.

Ole Sparky had better do something soon. In this current quarter in Europe, VW has almost 27% of the market while $TSLA and NIssan each have 3.8%.

As Clara Peller might ask, “Where’s the Competition?” Well Clara, it’s here, right under your nose.

It’s nuts on Twitter now. Racists, adult nudity, Insurrectionists, and Fringe Right characters egging on that Cartoon CEO. But the worst are these meme stock pumpers and now $TSLA is the new meme stock.

Screenshot from 13 JAN 23. That’s Ole Sparky, Unstable Genius, in purple.

Interesting thing here? Look back on that graph. Look at the length of those sticks which represents full quarters. And that last stick takes us into 13 days of January 2023.

The demand is there for cars in Europe, but not so much for Tesla. Do the math. For every $TSLA sold, $VWAGY sells seven EVs. And VW has already sold more cars in 13 days than they have in any full quarter.

Photos of Teslas in lots all over Europe, dusty, not wiped down, and you still see fanbois, “Those are for deliveries.” Okay, if that is so, why is VW waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out front now?

In China, it’s Chinese cars outselling $TSLA.

And now we have to drop prices to sell these Teslas in the USA???

Gonna be a bumpy ride, strap in if you still hang on every word uttered by the Big White Whale. “Thar he blows.”

Prediction: Tesla will drop prices further. They have to, or, their inventory will look like the mushroom cloud of an A-Bomb when real forensic accountants such as Markopolos start looking much closer at inventory, use of “Goodwill” in place of warranty repairs so Tesla can claim superior built cars, and on and on. Truth will out.

I do expect Musk will see the writing on the wall and give up his rolls at Twitter, and let’s hope, Tesla.

The only way to rebrand is to get that whimsical cretin who thinks he is Lord of the Universe out of the companies he is overseeing (Thankfully he’s not all over SpaceX like he is at Twitter and Tesla.)

Here’s one more point to consider: Japan and South Korea are not “behind” on EVs. They have them already designed. It’s just both countries are laying groundwork for H2 infrastructure, especially in SK. Will 2023 be the year for H2 to rise from the forgotten? Or do we wait until 2024-2025 when the buildout for H2 stations has enough locations on those nations’ highway?

It’s coming, and the fabois from the cult are fewer every day, so those remaining are louder than ever posting mis-information about Science and H2.

The Japanese and South Koreans have to be quiet. Don’t honk the horns with hype by the CEO. Just keep your head down, H2 Scientists at Toyota and Hyundai. Germany building a big H2 plant too. It’s coming and the Denial on Twitter is absolutely amazing.


You’re hallucinating. Tesla has, as always, sold every vehicle they can produce. And they’ve grown their production at a rate not seen since Henry Ford started up his production line. And they’re continuing to do so. And they’re doing it at huge margins never seen in the auto business except for niche producers like Porsche.

Your assertions are simply bizarre, not based on any reality we live in.


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IMO, there are two camps on opposite sides regarding Tesla.

The small camp… which you may be a part of… follows Tesla closely, understands what they do and why they do it… and understands the effects downstream. By implication, you can surmise where the opposing camp sits.

To know what Tesla is doing and why, it helps me to follow a couple folks I consider experts: Rob Maurer and James Stephenson (twitter/YouTube). Not that they’re perfect, but they know the details… which seems to escape the crowd.

As for me, I tend to ignore “sky is falling” Tesla discussions. It’s too much work to educate and most aren’t interested in learning because the media has made “the truth” so clear.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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That would be Rob Maurer. Been a Patreon of his for years.

James I follow on Twitter, but he’s a bit too rah-rah for my taste.


Thanks for the correction, IGU. I missed that. And I’ll fix it if I can still edit it.

As for James, I’ve communicated with him a bit. He’s too optimistic regarding future sales and profits from FSD, IMO… we’ll see how it plays out. And he’s been absent from any substantive discussion of December sales… and the price cuts. I suspect he’s re-calibrating his expectations. :wink:

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

This from one of the trials last week. The guy being deposed is supposed to be a Tesla FSD hotshot. But someone on Twitter who seems to know a whole lot more about the subject lays this thread:

Somebody tell this moron fanboi pumper (in the Top 5 pumpers for all things Musk or Tesla) that Bill Gates never went on a social media and incessantly pumped $MSFT while $AAPL made in-roads to his once monopoly. Gates secured a duopoly by continutally upgrading offerings from $MSFT.

Tesla has more than one giant competitor and is no longer No.1 in Europe or China going forward.

Another thing the fanbois aren’t monitoring is who is on top of “Autopilot” when it comes to Level 3. Who was first approved in the USA? Glad you asked:

I’ve never seen more longs uninformed on a company they’ve dumped their entire life-savings into, all on the word of the other longs in their circle-pump.

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I’ll hunt down this Brianna Wu’s thread on twitter and add it below this post:



Elon Musk and Tesla owners are learning a harsh lesson about revaluation

Steve Mollman

Sat, January 14, 2023 at 3:24 PM EST·4 min read

In this article:

  • TSLA


Wow! That’s some drop!

Atop her Twitter thread Friday, Wu wrote, “Tesla lowering prices by $13,000 is going to devastate the company in the long term…For starters, the profit margin on each car is going to plummet, deeply affecting their revenue. Expecting sales to be up, but earnings way down.”

She added later, “How does Tesla get their prices back up on mainstream models? They don’t have any new cars on the horizon, They are selling a rapidly aging NINE-year-old car and a five year old car. It costs hundreds of millions to bring new cars to market. It’s going to be a cash crunch.”

For Tesla owners looking to sell their vehicles, the steep price cuts this week have been frustrating. One who spoke to Fortune said he listed his 2018 Model 3 with the Full Self-Driving Beta software package for around $51,000 in December, but would likely cut the price to $30,000.

So I’ve been lurking on #WallStreetBets apes and $TSLA is this new meme stock. These Millennials think $TSLA short interest just boomed, but they are looking at old data and no one has corrected them to tell them this info normally comes out the first and sixteenth. Why give that up? These know it alls are as bad as the real $TSLA fanbois on Twitter. **

More and more, sensible, crititcally thinking women leaving the $TSLA cult compound, except those still massaging Elon’s ego on Twitter for a pony or more. I swear, $TSLA fan-women on Twitter are worse than the fanbois, getting all tarted up to influence Ole Sparky. Creepy as hell, it is. ****

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You keep posting ignorant crap from the media as though there’s some truth to it. Do you actually believe this stuff? It’s mostly nonsense.

It would be truly shocking if Tesla revenue goes down in 2023. “Expecting sales to be up, but earnings way down.” Seriously? Just because Brianna Wu can’t do basic arithmetic is no reason for you to believe such idiocy.


X-Post from METAR and this will probably help fleet sales for $TSLA and other EV makers. Tesla is in first position at Hertz for EVs.

On the game tonight between Tampa & Dallas, Domino’s Pizza ran a couple ads showing off their new $30,000 (probably less) $GM Chevy Equinox EV delivery cars. The ad did specify that Domino’s has a few hundred already on the road.

More fleet sales coming for $AMZN $WMT $DUK $TGT $UBER etc.

Pay up for performance version expecting those high performance brakes? Not so fast. Musk thanks your gullibility. That’s top price for regular brakes hidden by big covers. Brilliant scam right out in the open:

The bigger Brembo brakes are arguably the most significant upgrade for the money to move up to the top-performance version.

However, we now learn that Tesla has downgraded the brakes and has done it in a very sneaky and deceiving way.

ZEV Centric, a company building accessories for Tesla vehicles, spotted and exposed the change.


If you are a Fool reading this and still believe these words from four years ago, then throw down your cards. Show us the FSD. Show us the appreciating values. Show us the demand. Show us the Tesla acting like a boat. Or the robotaxi. Or the robovan. Or the battery swap. Or summons. Ad infinitum.

Or, wake up and . . .

Join the many lawsuits against Musk.

The chaser for these shots:

They nailed Trevor Milton at $NKLA for filming a Nikola cab rolling down a decline and saying it was under its own power. Now whistleblowers from Tesla are telling you the FSD video was a fraud.

**Ole Sparky goes back to court tomorrow and after last week’s non-performance by a Chief Engineer not knowing what ingredients go into the magic FSD soupcon.

Motor Trend connecting dots now:

To be fair, she didn’t say revenue would be down. She said “earnings” would be down. That doesn’t seem idiotic at all (though it could very well end up being wrong).

That basically is the same as a claim that net margins will be cut by more than a third (50% more vehicles, but margin falling 1/3, yields about breakeven).

Is that so crazy as to be “idiocy”? I don’t know. Tesla’s net profit margin is about 15%. She’s claiming that it would fall to below 10% - a delta of five percentage points. Tesla reduced its asking prices for all of its main products by at least that amount.

Obviously how much of that reduced revenue per vehicle falls to the bottom line is unknown - and Tesla is changing and growing so fast (with new factories still spinning up to new production) that we don’t know whether there are further savings that will compensate for the lower revenue.

But taking a hit to net earnings doesn’t seem implausible, ceteris paribus, given the magnitude of the cuts.

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From yesterday:


Drivers intervened to take control in test runs, he said. When trying to show the Model X could park itself with no driver, a test car crashed into a fence in Tesla’s parking lot, he said.

When Tesla released the video, Musk tweeted, “Tesla drives itself (no human input at all) thru urban streets to highway to streets, then finds a parking spot.”