Tesla recalls 2 million vehicles

You remember that Tesla just recalled 2 million vehicles with an over the air update. Well this is what happens when you are not Tesla.

Now how many months is it going to be before Toyota fixes this. This is after the recall they had on all their airbags. Not an OTA while sleeping but a real drive to the dealership to sit around while they fix it.


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While I appreciate your point, what do you think it will be like when Tesla has a recall that requires the car going to a service center? As of October Tesla has 186 places in the US to service their customers’ cars. Ford has almost 3000 dealerships, and all of them can service the cars.

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When possible Tesla sends a team to your car to fix problems.

If your car requires attention, Tesla mobile technicians can complete most repairs wherever you park. If they can’t fix your issue on the spot, they can often identify and pre-diagnose repairs for faster service when you arrive at a Tesla Service Center.


It’s a paradigm shift!

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They’re never going to fix it. A dirty secret about recalls, real recalls like this one, not recalls that are simple software updates, is that very few people bother going in to fix it. It’s just too time consuming and a big pain to do it. And most of the time the rules don’t require the automaker to make a large effort to track down the vehicles and attempt to bring them in to be fixed.

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Does Tesla require anyone to go to a service center or does the service center come to you? Think about that RH. OTA and service center at your home.


Not everything can be fixed with a software update. In your linked article, it mentions that this is a defective sensor causing a short circuit. Pray tell how a software update is going to fix bad wiring?

Here. Tell us how Tesla fixed these cars with an OTA update.


Model S and Model X First-Row Seat Belt Anchor Inspection

Tesla has issued a voluntary recall on certain model year 2021-2023 Model S and Model X vehicles to inspect and ensure both first-row seat belts are properly connected to their respective pretensioner anchors. This recall applies to some, but not all, Model S and Model X vehicles identified by reviewing manufacturing and service records.


You should have your seat belts inspected by a Tesla Technician as part of this recall.

Hawkwin what I was pointing out is that people were wringing their hands over an OTA update just a few days ago. It was all over the media about Tesla’s big recall. But it was just an OTA update. Of course there are things that need to be recalled that are physical and not software, but the software ones shouldn’t even make the news. That was my point.



Then you probably should have made that statement instead of trying to compare an easy to fix software update (that many companies can now do OTA) to a hardware defect that requires a physical recall as your linked article references. Someone might think you are building a strawman otherwise.

Sorry about that, I thought, since I tagged the Tesla board, that most people would have understood that.