Testing, testing - AEHR

Aehr Test Systems (AEHR) touched $40/sh during the 2nd half of Mar 2023. Now down around 30% since then @ $28-ish.

Current CEO is stepping down at the end of 2023. Is that the cause of the pullback? Maybe some of it.


I think it was the missed earnings recently. The CFO is stepping down at the end of the year…doc

Is The Options Market Predicting A Spike In Aehr (AEHR) Stock? (barchart.com)

This chart shows that it started trending higher and held at a new level until the earnings (blue E) came out last month and then it reset lower:

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@physician - yes CFO, not CEO. Thanks.

Odd - SA reports the data different. Earnings and rev beat
(NASDAQ:AEHR) | Seeking Alpha

Maybe the non-GAAP stat?

In any case, AEHR on my watchlist. (Well, it was on my watchlist prior to the run up, so I guess still on my watchlist. But more attentively there)

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This is part of what I saw: