Texas Excludes Tesla From $2500 EV Rebate

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Texas Excludes Tesla From Its Extensive New EV Rebate Program

Tesla doesn’t use franchised dealerships to sell its EVs, so they can’t be legally sold in Texas, and they won’t get a rebate.

According to Teslarati, Texas’ program covers 142 different models from almost every automaker aside from Tesla. To be clear, we’re not just talking about inexpensive cars either. The list has some 15 Audis, 22 BMWs, 17 Porsches, and many more. The publication even points out that there are a few Bentleys on the list. Obviously, the program isn’t just reserved for fully electric cars, but rather electrified models. A few other low-emissions powertrains are also covered. You can check out the full list by following the link below:



Interesting. Auto dealers do have powerful lobbies in state legislatures. I suppose this is not a surprise.

You wonder if Ford will take note. They have already indicated concerns about a price war in the EV market. They are splitting EVs from ICEs and probably plan to follow Teslas model to eliminate dealers.

Dealers can fight back, but they do have the problem that EVs require fewer parts and much less maintenance. So those service operations that keep the lights on when the market is slow will be much smaller. How can they survive?

Market forces and technology changes might trump their legislative efforts.

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